Goetze’s Candy Goetze’s Candy Goetze’s Candy

To capture the true, natural essence of the new gourmet candies from Goetze, we had to taste-test a few bags.

After recovering from our sugar crash, we came up with this mixed-media 2D/3D/stop-motion spot.

The brilliant crew at the Miller Group wanted a milk rainforest with cocoa pods filled with caramel chocolates and self-peeling licorice creams rolling down a path. 

We spent weeks rolling little candies around the office trying to get them to behave just right.  We were still finding them years later, so we had to move.

I ate 10 bags. Now I have diabeetus.
Wilford Brimley Guy that looks like a cat

The Miller Group

2010 ADDY
2010 ADDY Silver
2010 Telly
2010 Telly Bronze