About the Book

Todd's TV is a Katherine Tegen Book (an imprint of HarperCollins) that was met with much critical acclaim upon its publication.

Check out just a few of the many wonderful reviews:

“It all starts when neither parent is available to attend Todd's parent-teacher conference—and the TV volunteers. Amusing cartoon drawings in shades of gray, black, and persimmony-red against a white background and a satiric twist at the story's end further enhance this funny-scary cautionary tale. It's a hoot.” - STARRED REVIEW - School Library Journal

“...plenty of humorous touches make for a fun read, and although TV isn't necessarily a villain, responsible parenting comes out the hero.” - Booklist

“Proimos is a master of tone. In fact, he's a genius at it. The story is light and humorous and jovial. There isn't an ounce of finger wagging or loud obnoxious tsking. You get the point without the author feeling inclined to hammer it into your skull.” - Elizabeth Bird, Publisher's Weekly

“Todd's TV is a terrific piece of social commentary.” - Jeff Barger, NC Teacher Stuff

About the Short

Carlson Bull and James Proimos are producing a twelve minute Todd's TV short under their Shiny Pear shingle. 3D models have been built, voices are being cast, co-producers are being sought, a Kickstarter pitch is in the works, awards and accolades await.

We will certainly keep you posted.